Bethany’s 2013 Book List, Part II


  1. Orson Scott Card, Speaker for the Dead (my review)
  2. Jill Lepore, The Whites of their Eyes: The Tea Party’s Revolution and the Battle over American History (my review)
  3. Justin Cronin, The Passage (my review)
  4. David Talbot, Season of the Witch (my review)
  5. Ellen Raskin, The Westing Game (my review)
  6. Rebecca Dana, Jujitsu Rabbi and the Godless Blonde (my review)
  7. Daniel Adiletta, Zombie Pedagogy
  8. Wendelin Van Draanen, Flipped (my review)
  9. George Saunders, Tenth of December
  10. E.L. Konigsburg, A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver
    (my review)
  11. William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing (my pre-reading notes) (my final thoughts)
  12. Sarah Vowell, The Partly Cloudy Patriot
  13. Alice Munro, Dear Life
  14. Guillermo Martinez, The Oxford Murders (my review)
  15. Adam Langer, The Salinger Contract (my review)
  16. Henry James, The Aspern Papers and The Turn of the Screw (my pre-reading notes) (my final thoughts on The Aspern Papers) (my final thoughts on The Turn of the Screw)
  17. Pat Conroy, The Lords of Discipline (my review)
  18. Pat Conroy, The Boo (my review)
  19. Laurence Yep, Dragonwings (my review)
  20. Rick Steves, Travel as a Political Act (my review)
  21. Margaret Drabble, The Red Queen (my review)
  22. Voltaire, Candide (my review)
  23. Pat Conroy, The Death of Santini (my review)
  24. Cormac McCarthy, The Road (my review)
  25. Stephen King, 11/22/63 (my review)
  26. Eudora Welty, The Optimist’s Daughter (my review)
  27. David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas (my review)

2 Responses to Bethany’s 2013 Book List, Part II

  1. badkitty1016 says:

    I’m so excited to see your review of Zombie Pedagogy!

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