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A funny thing happened on my way to write some blog posts…. (by Jill)

It goes without saying that my presence on the blog has been limited lately. Life has been, well, busy for the past year. At work, one thing they tell us when you’re running behind is to not get too involved … Continue reading

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And That’s All I Have to Say About That: A Partial Review of Carolyn Cooke’s Daughters of the Revolution (by Bethany)

Writers who enjoy giving their characters witty names ought to limit their output to short stories. *** This was honestly all I had to say about this book. And I don’t know about you, but I think Former Me had … Continue reading

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This Book Was All About Me: a Partial Review of Simon Lelic’s A Thousand Cuts (by Bethany)

I’m sure that if I had finished this review, sooner or later I would have mentioned the book. The phrase ‘adult bullying’ makes this problem sound like something official – something in league with adult-onset diabetes and adult acne and adult ADD … Continue reading

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