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We did it!

For the past eight months or so the popularity of our blog has risen and fallen alongside the relative saturation point of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series in the public consciousness. Last September, when Written in My Own Heart’s Blood was … Continue reading

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Yarn Along

I didn’t do much knitting this week, and my tan tank sweater is still in more or less the same shape it was in last week. My goal in this photo is to show you the sweater’s texture, which I … Continue reading

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Guess where I’m going tomorrow….

That’s right!  Getting in another trip before we climb that monster in August.  I’m hoping to have time to get in some Dragonfly in Amber while I’m down there, or at least take some “location shots” of my copy in some … Continue reading

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Early thoughts on Diana Gabaldon’s Dragonfly in Amber (by Jill)

I’m so pleased to be back in Claire and Jamie’s world! I love it here. I must admit to “cheating” a bit with this series of books. I’ve read about all of them on Wikipedia and elsewhere, and I’ve devoured … Continue reading

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Initial Thoughts on A Clash of Kings (by Bethany)

Pages read: 210 out of 969 My reviews of A Game of Thrones are here, here, here, and here. I couldn’t help myself: I started A Clash of Kings. I’m enjoying it, but I’m finding the experience of reading the … Continue reading

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Finally finished! Final Thoughts on Richard Powers’ Orfeo (by Jill)

It feels like I’ve been reading Orfeo for a year, but it’s only been three weeks. It just seems like longer because Bethany and I rebooted our post-a-day challenge in April, so three days a week I have to come … Continue reading

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A Great Post I Almost Wrote (by Bethany)

I’ve been planning today’s post for – no joke – two years. It was supposed to be called “The Greats,” and it was going to consist of photos of me with some of my beloved teachers from the K-8 school … Continue reading

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Volume 5005 in the Chronicles of things I did while I should have been reading Orfeo (by Jill)

My list this week is awesome, if I do say so myself.  Here we go. 1. Working a lot, even more than usual.  The nicer the weather is in Sacramento the more dogs are out and about getting into fights and … Continue reading

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Hello from the middle of my work week….

The past two days at work have been what we in the veterinary world like to call a “shit show.”  Not the worst shit show of my veterinary life, but a medium one.  I haven’t been reading, I haven’t been … Continue reading

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Yarn Along

My tan tank sweater is really coming along! Working on it is especially dramatic lately, though, because I am not at all sure that I have enough yarn to finish it. On the one hand, the yarn is extremely light and … Continue reading

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