We did it!

For the past eight months or so the popularity of our blog has risen and fallen alongside the relative saturation point of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series in the public consciousness. Last September, when Written in My Own Heart’s Blood was only a couple of months old and the TV series was airing its first eight episodes, our blog stats shot up astronomically, more than doubling the number of individual page views of our previous best month. Page views aren’t everything, of course, but it’s always nice to feel loved.

Around mid-April, it became clear that we had a shot at overtaking last September. Our posts on Written in My Own Heart’s Blood continue to be popular – plus Jill has recently begun Dragonfly in Amber, and – perhaps most of all – the Outlander TV series is back. Jill and I have been writing a post a day this month, and posting every day always gives the blog a little shot in the algorithm – but Diana Gabaldon helps too.

And guess what – we did it! April 2015 was our best month yet on Postcards from Purgatory. As of now – about 90 minutes before midnight on April 30 – we’ve had just over 6700 views this month, which is more than I ever expected when Jill and I sat down one day almost three years ago and decided to start a book blog. We want to thank everyone who visited us this month (and every month). Now it’s time to plot our course for May – excuse me while I go speed-read some more Game of Thrones. Just kidding  (I don’t speed-read anything).

April was nice, but tomorrow we move on. Happy May Day tomorrow to all spring fiends and communists!

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2 Responses to We did it!

  1. Maria Caswell says:

    Could your continued soaring popularity also be because you are reviewing Game of Thrones now too? Or is it really, and surprisingly, because of Jill’s working through Orfeo by Richard Powers. 😉 I now have Orfeo by my side, and I have only read one sentence, but I am sure it will be a good book, really.

    • bedstrom says:

      The stats page tells us which posts generate the most views, and my Game of Thrones posts have barely been touched (Orfeo too, unfortunately). I’m hoping that will change when the sixth novel in the series is published. That’s what happened with the Diana Gabaldon books; they didn’t generate much interest until the new one was coming out and people wanted recaps on the rest of the books in the series.

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