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Yarn Along

I’ve been reading this short story anthology since before Christmas. It’s hands-down the best story anthology I’ve ever read, and I was sort of stunned when I found it that I had never heard of it before and had only … Continue reading

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You Know You’re in A.P. English When Some of the Sentences Start With ‘Me’: Some Brief Thoughts on Paradise Lost With More to Come Soon, I Promise!

If I had to pick a single sentence in Paradise Lost that is most linguistically intriguing (so far, anyway), it would be this one, from Book II, lines18-24: Me though just right, and the fixed laws of Heav’n Did first … Continue reading

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Thoughts on E.L. Konigsburg’s A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver

I read A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver (otherwise known on my to-do list as A Proud Taste for S&M) last summer when I was trying to give myself an introductory course in what’s been published in the world … Continue reading

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Oh Henry James, how I love thee. But not enough to have written about these novellas right after I read them in June. Brief thoughts on The Aspern Papers and The Turn of the Screw

As Bethany said in her posts about The Aspern Papers and The Turn of the Screw, the sum total of time we spent on these potboilers in AP English was not very much.  I remember talking about them at least … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Wuthering Heights – And a Drinking Game!

When I was almost finished rereading Wuthering Heights, a fifteen year-old I know asked me if it was good. “It is good,” I said, “but it’s also unintentionally funny.” My teenaged friend seemed to think good-but-worthy-of-mockery was a strange combination. … Continue reading

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Take that, Shakespeare! Jill’s haphazard thoughts on Much Ado About Nothing

Yeah, so I read this play in like July, and apparently into August.  What the hell was I doing last summer that it took me six weeks to read a Shakespeare play?  I have no idea.  And I’ll probably never … Continue reading

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The AP English Challenge rides again: Jill reviews Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment

I feel like there is some symmetry in when I finished Crime and Punishment.  I started it over Christmas break of 1993, which was just about twenty years ago.  Finishing it almost twenty years to the day after starting it … Continue reading

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In which Jill waxes philosophical about memory, and also talks about Pat Conroy’s The Death of Santini

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Pat Conroy should stick with being a memoirist.  I read this book faster than I’ve read anything in a while, for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is … Continue reading

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Rats and Boars and Ravens and Shipwrecks, Oh My! Jill Reviews T.C. Boyle’s When The Killing’s Done

I read When the Killing’s Done in nine days.  It was awesome.  This is one of my boss’s books that I’ve had for over a year.  In this current phase of my life, not only do I hoard my own … Continue reading

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Yarn Along (by Bethany)

I am knitting my first cowl ever. While I’m sure this will strike many people as strange – since cowls are very easy – keep in mind that I just knitted my very first scarf a couple of months ago. … Continue reading

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