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A Review of David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas (by Bethany)

I held out a long time before I read Cloud Atlas; until recently, I was the Cloud Atlas equivalent of people who still aren’t on Facebook. Several years ago, one of my book clubs read David Mitchell’s number9dream, and I … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Eudora Welty’s The Optimist’s Daughter (by Bethany)

The Optimist’s Daughter is one of the books that I am assigned to read for a workshop I’m taking in February. I can’t quite believe I’m about to admit this on the internet, but I had never read Eudora Welty … Continue reading

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PAT CONROY MONTH!! finally continues. Jill reviews My Losing Season, with very little mention of basketball.

The more I read of Pat Conroy as an adult the more I know that his most powerful “fiction” is the stuff that is rooted in truth.  This sentence is made apparent in reading My Losing Season, in which he … Continue reading

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Yarn Along: The Christmas Edition (by Bethany)

As a child I was a connoisseur of sitcoms, and sitcoms usually air special Christmas episodes. If Yarn Along were a sitcom, this would be the week when I needed one last skein of yarn of a certain dye lot, … Continue reading

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Yarn Along: The Small Reveal (by Bethany)

I wanted to call today’s post “The Medium-Sized Reveal,” but the green scarf isn’t quite off needles. So a small reveal it is. Here are a couple of shots of the first striped scarf: It’s funny. This finished striped scarf … Continue reading

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A Review of Octavia E. Butler’s Kindred (by Bethany)

I read Kindred for the first time a couple of years ago – July of 2010 if I remember correctly. I had just moved to a new apartment, and Kindred was the first book I read after I installed an … Continue reading

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Yarn Along (by Bethany)

There’s something not-quite-right about publishing two Yarn Along posts right in a row, without a single book review in between, right? It’s – I don’t know – bad form. Tacky. Gauche. Well, maybe not gauche. But definitely bad form. I’ve … Continue reading

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Yarn Along (by Bethany)

Well, guess what? Here’s another scarf. I’m using another variegated sock yarn for this one. I found the combination of the rich fall tones – gold, deep orange, forest green – and the navy blue and white a little strange … Continue reading

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A Review of Laurence Yep’s Dragonwings (by Bethany)

I read Dragonwings for school when I was in the fifth grade, but other than remembering that it was about Chinese people (and also one ha-ha moment involving cow urine), I remembered very little about this wonderful and well-respected children’s … Continue reading

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