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Yarn Along

I’m meandering my way through several books at once, as usual, but my top priority right now is to finish The Merchant of Venice. It’s such a tight, efficient play. I remembered Act II as really long, mainly because it … Continue reading

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A Brief Update on a Short Book: Progress Report on Armistead Maupin’s The Days of Anna Madrigal (by Jill)

I’m going to be done with The Days of Anna Madrigal sooner rather than later, but I don’t think that I’ll have enough to say about it to warrant two full posts, and today was kind of a long day at … Continue reading

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Reading on Muni

I only read a few paragraphs. It’s hard to read when a couple rows ahead of you there’s a guy with four prescription bottles that he’s trying to balance in his two cupped hands while also periodically opening one and … Continue reading

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Something There Is That Doesn’t Love a (Big, Beautiful) Wall

The “something” in the first line of Frost’s “Mending Wall” is the physical world. To be specific, it’s a phenomenon that shares the poet’s name: frost heaving. A native San Franciscan like me, Frost would have seen frost heaving in … Continue reading

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Early Thoughts on David Denby’s Lit Up and on High School English in General

I’ve read almost nothing this week. I’ve been scrambling to finish some freelance jobs and other side work (bacon must be brought home, and so forth – preferably organic bacon), and I have several blog posts in progress, all of … Continue reading

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Another notch in my book belt finally added! Final Thoughts on Amy Tan’s The Valley of Amazement (by Jill)

  After a somewhat, let’s say, meandering first couple hundred pages of the story, the pace picked up quite a bit once the focus shifted to Violet’s mother, Lucretia/Lucia/Lulu Minturn-Danner. Finally getting to see her through her own eyes rather … Continue reading

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Yarn Along

Somehow or other, I’ve squeezed in two chapters of David Denby’s Lit Up this week. I’m pretty sure it was at one in the morning. It’s fantastic. I read the first page and wanted to run downstairs (again, at one … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Woodland….

Apparently being tired is going around at Postcards from Purgatory, because I am wiped out.  I didn’t leave work until nine o’clock tonight.  That would make my day a fourteen hour day.  And I’ve gotta go back tomorrow to do … Continue reading

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Yep – Still Tired

I had such high hopes for my blogging life this weekend. Even when I was driving home last night at 10:30, dead tired, plotting my Goodnight Moon book-review evasion tactic, I was planning to write a little parody poem, something … Continue reading

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Goodnight Blog

See you tomorrow.

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