Yep – Still Tired


I had such high hopes for my blogging life this weekend. Even when I was driving home last night at 10:30, dead tired, plotting my Goodnight Moon book-review evasion tactic, I was planning to write a little parody poem, something like this:

           Goodnight frog

            And Goodnight blog,

            And Goodnight to the sweet city

           Whispering ‘fog’…

Now. Calling San Francisco a “sweet city” isn’t really me (even though it’s true that the city is nicer now that El Niño came and washed away the stench of urine), but I liked the line “whispering ‘fog’” so much that I was willing to compromise my principles and say something nice about my city on the internet.

Also, there is no frog. No frog at all. I wouldn’t even know where to find a frog if I wanted one.

And it wasn’t foggy, which was the main reason I left the poem out. Lying about fog seemed wrong.

I really do have good things in the works. I am juggling several freelance jobs and tutoring appointments and other assorted things, but next weekend is wide open for reading and blogging. I’ll be back. I promise.

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