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Yarn Along

I pieced the colorblock rollneck sweater this weekend, and now all I need to do is knit the neck. This photo doesn’t really do the colors justice, but I’ll take some outdoor photos once the sweater is finished. I’m reading … Continue reading

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Well, I made it before PAT CONROY MONTH!!!! was over…. A Review of Pat Conroy’s The Water is Wide (by Jill)

I started a progress report on The Water is Wide a little over a week ago, and shortly thereafter I actually started making solid progress on it and didn’t want to stop to write about it. I’ve been having my … Continue reading

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“I Never Became a Woodcutter and I Have Had as Little to Do with Wood as Was Humanly Possible”: Some PAT CONROY MONTH!!!! Silliness for Your Friday Morning, Brought to You By the Numbers 19 and 92 (by Bethany)

I may have mentioned once or twice before that, among other quirks, my high school education was marked by not one but two opportunities to imitate PAT CONROY’s writing style in exchange for a grade. This probably shouldn’t have happened, … Continue reading

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Yarn Along

  My little child-size colorblock sweater is coming along nicely. It is always refreshing to take on a small project immediately after finishing (well, almost finishing) an adult item. The light in the photo isn’t the best. The sleeve that’s … Continue reading

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Early Thoughts on South of Broad (by Bethany)

Pages read: 131 out of 512 Last year’s PAT CONROY MONTH!!! was not a high point for me as a blogger. I set out to read War and Peace, which is one of the novels Pat Conroy discusses in his … Continue reading

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Final thoughts on Josh Weil’s The Great Glass Sea (by Jill)

The Great Glass Sea sped up a bit after I wrote my last post about it. I’m not sure that my enjoyment of it increased at all, but I did manage to get through it. I finished it over the … Continue reading

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Yarn Along

I missed you all last Wednesday. Last Tuesday, it was 107 degrees in the town where I work, and by the time I got home none of my electronic devices were working properly. Let’s just say that last Tuesday was … Continue reading

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