Yarn Along

YA 3.2

After months and months of neutral hues, I am loving knitting with this bright yellowy-orangeish heathered yarn that I impulse-purchased on sale last Wednesday. It’s merino wool, worsted weight, and fabulous in every way. I’m making another child-sized rollneck sweater (I never get tired of those); I finished the back in only 2-3 days after I bought the yarn, thanks to a knitting and HAMILTON SOUNDTRACK extravaganza last week with friend and PFP reader Maria and also to a lot of mellow TV watching (and one very non-mellow Republican debate) over the weekend. In the photo you can see that I’ve just cast on for the front of the sweater.

I’m reading several books as usual, but this photo features Martin Amis’ The Pregnant Widow, which comes highly recommended and is good so far.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Yarn Along is hosted by Ginny on her blog, Small Things.

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12 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. fibrefallout says:

    Wow that is such a lovely color!!!

  2. Donna says:

    That’s a nice color – especially in the midst of the grey winter days. I will have to add that book to my list!

  3. Maria Caswell says:

    Gee, you got a long way since last Wednesday! I basically got nowhere on my fingerless glove, partially because I noticed the finished one had a lot of moth damage. That is a dynamite color.

  4. lfpbe says:

    That’s too bad about the moth damage. Do you have enough yarn to redo the damaged one? I knit like crazy over the weekend – I think I had finished the back of the sweater by Saturday. I think the color was part of the reason I kept going back to it.

  5. Elise and Life says:

    I love that yarn, so bright! 🙂

  6. caffeinegirl says:

    I love that color, too. I knit a shawl out of it, which I don’t wear often. It would be better as a sweater!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Oh wow! Talk about bringing some sunshine into your life! Enjoy!

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