To Stave Off That Feeling of Helplessness (And, OK, Also Because HAMILTON SOUNDTRACK)

Federalist photo.jpg

When I started reading The Federalist a couple of nights ago, I didn’t know that it was about to become a blog challenge. I just thought I was expressing my abiding love for THE HAMILTON SOUNDTRACK in a characteristically nerdy way. But as I read through the first several essays – most by Jay so far – I find myself thinking about the upcoming primary season. It’s a little ironic that in the months leading up to our national elections, we showcase our most idiosyncratic regional behavior. So between now and whenever I finish it, I plan to check in here once a week or so, on no particular schedule, to comment on the connections I see between the essays I’m reading and the ever-entertaining horror show playing itself out on CNN. If anyone would like to join me, feel free!

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