You know something about reading quality literature that’s annoying? You can’t really read it while also watching TV and petting your cat.

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Since publishing my post about The Folded Earth on Thursday, I have read maybe forty pages, and have about fifty to go till the end. I’ve been distracted by house cleaning and watching the last five episodes of Gotham (aside: it’s a really good show if you’re into superhero origin stories). I feel like I won’t have anything to say in my “final thoughts” post if I really review my book today, so I’ll leave it at this: still moving along, still enjoying, and I’m very intrigued to find out what happens next to Maya and Charu and everyone. I’ve already found a used copy of Roy’s other book, An Atlas of Impossible Longing, on and put it in my shopping cart, to be purchased at a later date, and read at an even later one. I love finding new writers to hunt for in used bookstores.

And tonight, instead of reading, I’ve been shopping on Etsy, and I found some pretty awesome book-related things. Here are some examples. Hope everyone else is having an enjoyable end of daylight savings time eve and making better use of their extra hour than I am.

borges tshirtbeanforest pinbeanforest pin 2mug

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