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Yarn Along

It’s perhaps a stretch to say that this is the last photo you’ll see of the brown sweater before it’s all pieced and finished – but this IS the final sleeve, and I DO have the next five days off … Continue reading

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Here’s Your One Chance, Fancy: Thoughts on the First Third of Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth (by Bethany)

This may be the most irony-dense book I’ve ever read. I really don’t want to write a review – what I want to do is quote entire passages (page-long paragraphs in some cases) and then say “Isn’t this just horrible? … Continue reading

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Yarn Along

Yep, I’m back again with the brown sweater and a book I’m only sort of reading. I don’t even have an entertaining story about a rubber chicken to share with you this week (although you’re welcome to scroll down and … Continue reading

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Yarn Along

This is less a Yarn Along post and more of a knitting and reading wish list. Knitting and reading have not been big parts of my life these days, especially since I’m at the tail end of twelve full work … Continue reading

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