A Long-Ago PFP Board Meeting


This is Jill and me on the beach at Tahoe just a little over four months ago. The day after this photo was taken, I woke up before dawn, drove back to the Bay Area, and started my new job – my first full-time teaching job in five years. See that book I’m reading (I’m the one in the chair, with the polka dots)? I finished it maybe two months later, and my goal ever since has been to read another book that’s actually for grown-ups. I’ve almost succeeded, but not quite. If it’s possible to be run over by a truck and love it, that’s what this fall has been like for me on every level – physically, emotionally, professionally, intellectually, personally. Insert mandatory truism here about securing your own oxygen mask before helping others, yes, but the fall is almost over and soon it will be winter break and surely I’ll read books and blog about them then, won’t I? Of course I will. See you soon.

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