Read All Day Saturday Fail (by Jill)


Voyager CoverToday went very similarly to yesterday but with less napping, and more watching of the idiot box. Super annoying. The good news is that I had a nice, relaxing day home with my husband and four legged family members, and those kinds of days are kind of a rarity for us, so I appreciate them when they happen.

As far as Voyager updates, Claire and Jamie have found each other once again, though I’m not quite clear how that happened (I think Jamie’s side of the story is yet to be fully revealed). Claire accidentally purchased a one-armed slave at an auction in the Caribbean. The description of the smell and sights of the slave auction was pretty graphic and slightly distressing. I’ve been patiently waiting for Claire to lose her twentieth century mind over some of the nonsense that must be going on around her in the eighteenth century over the course of almost three books, and I finally got some payoff. I’ve always thought Claire took a bit too much in stride as far as the differences between how lives are lived in the two times in which she has resided, and I’m glad that she finally reacted as a twentieth century woman. Of course that means that now she and Jamie are the proud owners of a one-armed slave. No idea how that is going to shake out; perhaps he will be a devoted Fraser friend down the line.

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2 Responses to Read All Day Saturday Fail (by Jill)

  1. lfpbe says:

    I remember the one-armed slave, but he doesn’t become a long-term part of Team Fraser (though he would certainly fit in among the characters they assemble at Fraser’s Ridge over the next few novels). I think they free him at some point and he goes to live in an encampment of runaway slaves. When you finish this book, will you please explain the ending to me? It involves Geillis Duncan, a cave, and a bunch of adolescent boys, including Ian, and when it’s over Ian requires a shot of penicillin. I get that Geillis is power-hungry and does horrible things to other people, and I know that the cave involves TIME TRAVEL somehow, but I don’t remember why the boys were involved and as far as I can remember I never entirely understood.

    • badkitty1016 says:

      I will do my best to explicate that to you when I get there, I promise. But if you don’t completely understand it, my hopes for myself are not that high.

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