Read All Day Friday Fail (by Jill)


Voyager Cover

It’s almost like God or fate or karma or something always knows when I want to have a Read All Day Friday, and throws myriad obstacles in my way. Today, despite the fact that I managed to sit in the car driving to and from San Francisco and not put Voyager down once except for when I had to play co-pilot for Jacob on our way to Pasquale’s on Irving Street, and when it was too dark to read (that’s why the Kindle Paperwhite is the best invention ever—it’s never dark when your page lights up), I immediately fell asleep as soon as I sat down in front of the TV with my book this morning to read all day.

In addition, the iPad I ordered in a moment of financial weakness last week arrived on Wednesday, so I had to spend some time setting that up and essentially turning it into a giant version of my iPhone. And last night we went to see Brad Paisley, which involved an afternoon of hanging out with friends prior. Needless to say, progress since Tuesday has been minimal. But don’t worry; I’ve got one more day off. Maybe by tomorrow night I’ll have something substantial to say. I feel like I’m almost done with Voyager, because I only have two hundred pages to go and that if I could just sit in one place and be undisturbed for all of tomorrow, I could potentially finish it. I’m probably being overly optimistic. But we’ll see.

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