For the past couple of years, my writing and blogging command center has been the dining room table. First I just used a little corner of the table; soon my books and papers covered the whole thing. Then books and assorted ephemera began to pile up on the floor and on the organ bench, and wait – is that an empty couscous container over there, next to the Christmas decorations? You get the idea. I do some light cleaning and organizing every couple of weeks, making sure anything that is truly garbage gets thrown away and that all important bills and other paperwork have been attended to. Over the next few weeks, though, I want to do a much more thorough job of sorting and organizing and filing – in the dining room and also in a couple of other rooms that I wish I were using more efficiently. Don’t worry, I don’t plan to start quoting Marie Kondo or anything, but there will be some After photos sometime soon, to complement the following:

Dining room 2Dining room 1Dining Room 3


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