A PFP Board Meeting

Jill in Bookstore

I don’t have a review for you tonight, but Jill and I did meet up with some high school friends (who also didn’t quite finish Paradise Lost in AP English) and some of their husbands and children, and afterwards we had a quick board meeting in Green Apple Books on the Park. Jill’s husband Jacob came too and was kind enough to listen to me talk about Hamilton. The photo above shows Jill holding a product that reflects our brand’s core values. Also, please note that she is holding a pizza box as if it were a book. Are you curious to know how that worked out for her? Me too.

Then she said – about a book she was perusing – “I need it. I saw it and it’s popular and I want to put it in my pile.” And if that’s not Postcards from Purgatory’s mission statement, I don’t know what is.

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