Ah, Saturday….

Voyager CoverIn case you were wondering, I am well aware that it’s actually Thursday. But for me, and for many weekend workers, it’s also Saturday. Today was generally a failure productivity-wise, which my first Saturday often is. I did get laundry washed and dried, but not folded. But my efforts at binge-watching Fringe during the day while binge-reading Voyager were foiled multiple times by my napping, or what I’m referring to as my catch-up sleeping time. Since I got my FitBit last month I’ve seen electronic proof that my sleep suffers on work nights. A lot. And I’ve decided to stop feeling guilty about indulging in some naptime on my weekends, at least on a limited basis. I think I’ll let myself have one day per weekend when I’m allowed to nap with impunity. I did initially really want to get a ton of reading done today, but that ended up not happening. I spent about an hour trying to get through one page of Voyager because I kept nodding off after Jamie ran into his burning print shop to rescue his printing press and then his nephew. One would think that it would be super exciting and impossible to put down, right? Not when one has slept less than seven hours a night for the past five nights. But I’m all caught up now, so I can stay up late working on my most recent not a book review blog post and listening to the five songs from the new Dierks Bentley album that iTunes deemed fit for early download. And hopefully I’ll be awake long enough to read for a few minutes once I finish with this post!




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