And now, a picture of books. (by Jill)


A couple of weeks ago Powell’s City of Books was kind enough to send me an email with a coupon for 30% off my entire purchase either in-store or online.  Seeing as how I had no free time to get up to Portland on short notice, I went ahead and placed an online order, though I would have preferred to use my coupon in person.  This is a picture of the books I got, as well as the book I’m currently reading, Sebastian Barry’s On Canaan’s Side, in case you had forgotten.  It’s coming along and it’s lovely, as Barry’s books tend to be.  But work has been busy and time to read has been minimal.  I’ll make some progress tomorrow and update on Saturday.  And now I’m going to get back to watching tonight’s episode of Bones, despite the fact that the show may have jumped the shark by putting Jack Hodgins in a wheel chair.  I’m keeping hope alive on that front, because I really do like that show.

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