A Rain Check


I hope you’ll all forgive me for not posting a review today. The thing is, I didn’t get started with Read-All-Day Friday until about 6:00, and then once I started I could hardly stop. And besides, we’re having a wonderfully audible storm here – rain and wind – and audibly stormy nights are meant for reading, not blogging (she says, conjuring a wise maxim out of momentary laziness). I will be back soon to tell you about Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates and Henry and Clara and some other books too.

My copy of David Denby’s LIt Up arrived today, and I am excited to start reading it. It’s about teaching  life-changing literature to high school students. I have a feeling I will be either agreeing or disagreeing with Denby wildly; either way will make for some good blogging.

Happy reading this weekend!

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