Progress report on David Mitchell’s The Bone Clocks (by Jill)


Bone clocks cover

Read All Day Friday was a complete bust yesterday. It turned into Organize Your Hall Closet, Take Old Clothes to Goodwill, and Buy a Bunch of Books You Don’t Need but Felt Obligated to Buy in Order to Support Small Business in Your Town Friday. I did make some progress into the next section of The Bone Clocks, in which we meet another narrator, this time a borderline has-been novelist named Crispin Hershey. His section takes place from 2015 to 2020, at a variety of writers’ conventions around the world. He ends up crossing paths with Holly Sykes at each one, and makes friends with her and her daughter Aoife eventually, after spending the first few meetings mocking Holly for her rapid rise to fame after writing a memoir about her bizarre psychic experiences. We learn that Ed Brubeck was killed in Syria at some point in the past. Crispin Hershey is kind of a pompous ass, but I think he’s going to find redemption with the help of Holly and Aoife, but I’ve got about fifty or so pages to go in his section before I find that out for sure. More later! Happy Saturday—at this time next week I’ll be in Yosemite, probably typing a blog post with pretty pictures of Half Dome or some snow or something. I know I’m excited about that!


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