The Ugliest Radio in the West


So it’s 11:54 here at Postcards from Purgatory, and Jill and I have pledged to post every day this month (I’m going to lobby for every day this year, but don’t tell Jill).

But see, the thing is, my day revolved around this radio, which appeared in my home under mysterious circumstances – mysterious circumstances that also involved my mom’s ashes. And then I emailed the photo to everyone I knew, and there was laughter and tears, and then when I came home from work the radio was moved, the ashes were moved back to their rightful place (and the bathroom scale that was also part of this mystifying day was nowhere in sight), and I am dying to know the series of steps that led to this resolution of the day’s events. I do have an idea about how I can write a full post about this radio while also making it about books, so maybe I’ll tell you more soon.

But seriously – have you ever seen an uglier radio? I’ve been trying all day to decide what it looks like, but the best I could come up with is “Darth Vader’s backpack.”

Crap! I think it’s midnight! Thursday has turned into a pumpkin. Signing off.

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2 Responses to The Ugliest Radio in the West

  1. Maria says:

    Looks like the kind of radio they use on construction sites.

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