Rather than thinking about books…

Lately I’ve been distracted by three things: internet shopping, watching TV, and thinking about my trip to Orlando.  Did you guys know that the internets have great sales after the holidays?  And on TV, there’s The Biggest Loser, and recorded episodes of The Walking Dead, and Netflix has every season of Doctor Who.  And do you guys know how much amazing stuff there is to do in Orlando?  Besides that one of the best veterinary conferences on earth is there every January, there’s also Walt Disney World!  And Epcot!  And The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!  Who has time to read when there’s all this other stuff to do?

That being said, I’m also really looking forward to being trapped on a plane for multiple hours with no internet access so I can concentrate on my favoritest hobby.  Which is, of course, reading.

Right now, though, I’ve got to stop my puppy from eating the coffee table.

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