Beads and More Beads: A Holiday Fundraiser

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Hi Friends,

I have a fundraiser in the works this holiday season. I am selling beading and beadmaking kits. Each and every bead in these kits was handmade from recycled magazines and newspapers (see photos). Each kit comes with fishing line for threading and instructions on how the recipient can make more beads him/herself. The kits are small enough for stocking stuffers and provide a mellow, pleasurable activity for kids and adults age 7 and up.

Product Description:

  Small Large
Contents 75 handmade beads in a tiny glass container

Fishing line for threading

Instructions for making beads


150 handmade beads in a small glass container

Fishing line for threading

Instructions for making beads

Cost $25 + shipping* $45 + shipping*


Gift Wrap


Add $3.00 Add $3.00
NOT included in kit Materials for further bead-making (newspapers or magazines, a medium-sized nail, scissors, glue)


Materials for further bead-making (newspapers or magazines, a medium-sized nail, scissors, glue)


*Shipping costs will vary based on location. Estimated cost for single kits are $2-3 for small kits and $4-5 for large kits. I will ship via USPS first-class mail unless you request otherwise. If you live in the San Francisco area and would like to pick your kit(s) up from me in person to avoid shipping costs, please let me know when you place your order and we can arrange a pick-up time.

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If you would like to place an order, please send me a Facebook message, a blog message, or an email ( and tell me the following information:

    1. Quantity – how many kits would you like?
    2. Size – Small or Large (see product information for more details.)
    3. Please tell me WHEN you would like your kits to arrive (If you give me less than 7 business days, I may need to charge you for additional shipping costs.)
    4. Please tell me if you would like your kit(s) to be gift-wrapped (for an additional $3 per kit).
    5. Please tell me if you would like to pay $5 to donate a kit to a needy child in the SF Bay Area.
    6. Please provide the mailing address to which you would like your item(s) shipped.

When I receive your order, I will begin packaging your beads. When your order is ready to ship, I will send you an email confirming the cost of your order as well as shipping (shipping will vary based on region). At that point, please pay me via PayPal. As soon as I receive your payment, I will ship your beads.

Satisfaction is guaranteed: I will refund your money if an item arrives damaged or does not meet your expectations.

photo 16

The purpose of this fundraiser is to allow me to take one or more research trips in 2016. I have several long-form writing projects in the works – both fiction and nonfiction – and am working hard to bring them to completion. I have several destinations on my wish list, all of which will allow me to do valuable research to advance my work. These trips range in distance from a day’s drive from home to the other side of the world, and even just a few purchases will help. I may also use money from this fundraiser to attend a writing conference. If you participate in this fundraiser in any way, you will also receive a postcard from me from one of my destinations so you’ll know how your purchase enabled me to move my writing projects forward.

In addition, I plan to donate 10% of the money I make to a local children’s charity, along with several bead kits.

If you want to support this fundraiser but do not want to purchase kits, please SHARE this offer on your own social media.

Many thanks!



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1 Response to Beads and More Beads: A Holiday Fundraiser

  1. Cheyanne says:

    What a lovely way to share your craft with others! 🙂

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