Yarn Along

Yarn Along 9.23.15 

My little child-size colorblock sweater is coming along nicely. It is always refreshing to take on a small project immediately after finishing (well, almost finishing) an adult item. The light in the photo isn’t the best. The sleeve that’s still on needles is much less orange than it looks. It’s red, but more of a tomato red than a true deep red. The other sleeve is purple, the back is blue, and the front is green. It’s fun having all these nice colors around.

I’m still reading South of Broad and still mostly enjoying it, though the parts set in 1969 are far superior to the parts set in 1989. The San Francisco scenes are about to start, and I am preparing to do lots of wincing. I can feel my TMJ doing some warmup exercises already. More soon!

Yarn Along is hosted by Ginny on her blog, Small Things.

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7 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Joy says:

    Such autumny colors. Yum. I admit I tend to sort of avoid modern fiction for my very distrust of their descriptions and details, especially of a place I know, so I was laughing at your TMJ comment.

  2. Pom Pom says:

    The color block looks fantastic so far! I like the way your knitting photographs! I know what you mean about dim morning light, but that orangey red is lovely. Happy fall!

  3. heathermama says:

    what a great sweater idea. love all the bright colors. 🙂

  4. Donna says:

    Your projects look so Autumn like. Perfect for today!

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