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Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam, an introduction (by Jill)

Surprisingly, I haven’t read a single Margaret Atwood book in the entire three years we’ve had our blog. She is a long-time favorite of mine, ever since I read The Handmaid’s Tale in the mid-nineties. And by rights I should … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Colm Tóibín’s Nora Webster (by Jill)

I didn’t think I was going to finish Nora Webster today, but I am pleased to report that I did. I started the morning with forty percent still to go (I read it on my boss’s Kindle), and managed to … Continue reading

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Yarn Along

I haven’t made much progress on my sweater this week thanks to the whirlwind cross-country trip I took this past weekend, but I am reading a very good book: War of the Encyclopaedists by Christopher Robinson and Gavin Kovite. This … Continue reading

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A review of Blake Crouch’s The Last Town (by Jill)

You know what? I just finished this book four days ago and I’m already beginning to forget the details of the plot. I think that’s sort of sad. But maybe it means that these books don’t have much staying power, … Continue reading

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A Used Book Mecca Right in the Milwaukee Airport: Who Knew?

I wrote the following post around 1 am this past Saturday morning, after a long day of snafu-ridden travels. I was impressed with both the day I’d had and with the bookstore I discovered in the Milwaukee airport, which is … Continue reading

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A Review of Deborah Levy-Bertherat’s The Travels of Daniel Ascher (by Bethany)

As you may have noticed, I like to invent sub-genres, and it didn’t take me many chapters into The Travels of Daniel Ascher to figure out that this newly-translated French novel is part of the subgenre I like to call … Continue reading

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Review of Blake Crouch’s Wayward, Book Two in the Wayward Pines Trilogy (by Jill) (With Spoilers!!)

I promised no spoilers in my review of the first Wayward Pines book, but no such promise exists in this post. There are spoilers aplenty to be found here, about Pines, and also about Wayward. If you want to maximize … Continue reading

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