Yarn Along

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My English rib sweater is coming along nicely – I’d say I have about six inches of the back finished. I love working with sturdy wool yarn after spending so long on the tank sweater (which is wonderfully soft, but I’m a sweaters-are-for-winter kind of person at heart).

I’m still reading a variety of books at once. The novel I’m writing includes a brief but important scene that takes place during the “Crucible” component of Marine Corps boot camp, and I’m reading a book about this training exercise, which is like a cross between a ropes course and the Stations of the Cross (these are my similes, not the author’s). The fact that the exercise is designed to emulate the actions of specific Congressional Medal of Honor winners makes it a great Memorial Day weekend read, although the fact that I was reading it this weekend is a coincidence. The writing is slowly paced and assumes the worst about the intelligence of its readers, with any number of statements like “Firing week is the week when recruits learn to fire their weapons,” but overall the writing is not as abysmally bad as some books I’ve encountered in my military research. This is a good resource for writers and others who want to learn more about Marine boot camp than one can learn from Full Metal Jacket, Jarhead, and, of course, the collected works of PAT CONROY!!!!

As always, Yarn Along is hosted by Ginny on her lovely blog, Small Things.

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11 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Love the colour of the yarn, such an easy colour to wear.

  2. woolythymes says:

    nothing beats a good old ribbed wooly sweater….what I’d choose to knit any day over the light, wispy ones that our temp require me to knit if i actually want to wear what i make. (not always the case, promise!)

  3. Yes, I am starting (again!! – grr…) a new fingering weight sweater, but I have a feeling I’ll be needing something more substantial on the needles along with it, very soon!

  4. Donna says:

    Nice yarn for a sturdy sweater. There’s just something about brown yarn that says “warm and cozy”!

  5. CathieJ says:

    Today is so warm here that I can’t think about working with wool. Your sweater does look nice and warm though.

    • bedstrom says:

      I live in San Francisco, where it’s 55 degrees all summer — but even when I lived in hotter climates I used to crank up the a/c and knit with wool… Haha!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I love the look of that yarn! Can’t wait to see it knitted up, the fabric looks great.

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