Things I’ve been doing instead of reading Dragonfly in Amber (by Jill)


Primarily I was in Yosemite. And I had to drive myself there and back, so no time to read in the car. It actually wasn’t so bad, even though in recent years I have been more often a passenger than a driver on road trips. Since I started commuting for work my desire to sit behind the wheel of a car on my days off has decreased to essentially nothing. I had a great time in Yosemite even though my TWB (Time With Books, yes I just invented an acronym) was low. I was glad that the waterfalls were not any more pathetic than they were last month, even though it was much warmer than I was expecting.

Then I had to do laundry when I got home, and then I had to work for three days. I’ve been enjoying the distraction of Instagram in the evenings after work for the past few days too, primarily because I’m Instagramming a few pictures from Yosemite last week, and also finding inspiring fitness stories on my feed. I’ve managed to read a little since my last post, but not enough to warrant a true update. So you’re stuck with my lame lack-of-progress report.

I also got a very exciting package in the mail from Amazon today, containing the following: two bags of cat food, Jen Lancaster’s latest memoir, I Regret Nothing, and Kate Atkinson’s latest, A God in Ruins, which chronicles Ursula Todd’s youngest brother Teddy’s life as it changes in response to the changes Ursula makes in the timeline. I’m curious to see if he’s aware of the timeline shifts over time the same as Ursula is, or if he can also make changes like his older sister. And I’m always excited to get a new Jen Lancaster.

A god in ruins coveri regret nothing cover

I only have two days off this week, and I’m planning to spend at least part of tomorrow curled up on the couch, drinking coffee, and reading Dragonfly in Amber. Much as I love getting away from it all, sometimes it’s nice to just be at home.

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