Getting back into Diana Gabaldon’s universe (by Jill)

Outlander poster

Slow progress is being made on Orfeo, and I hope to have more profound things to say about it by the weekend. But tonight, the husband and I are getting caught up on Outlander. As I’m sure most of the free world knows, Starz started showing the second half of the first season of Outlander at the beginning of the month. We watched the first part of the season in the fall and enjoyed it quite a bit, but I made us wait to watch the “fall finale” until the show restarted because I didn’t want to have to watch a cliffhanger without the satisfaction of seeing the resolution right away. Tonight we’re “marathoning” the three episodes we have recorded, and let me tell you, I’m having a hard time not going and getting the next book in the series (that’s Dragonfly in Amber) from my book room and starting it right now. There’s just something about this world that Diana Gabaldon created that draws a person in.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight. There’s some home wrecker trying to lure Jamie away from Claire right now, and if I don’t get back to watching it right away he may succumb to her charms.

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