This should be a progress report on Richard Powers’ Orfeo…. (by Jill)



But it’s not. I haven’t read very much since Saturday. I’ve been busy. Kind of. I thought I’d list out all of the things I’ve been doing since Saturday.

  1. Working.
  2. I took the dog for a run on Saturday.
  3. On Saturday I also stupidly let all the cats outside in the yard at once and then had to spend about ten minutes trying to get Jasper, my bengal, back into the house, while he ran around the yard singing the song of his people for all to hear.
  4. Internet shopping for shoes and books.
  5. Shopping for cheap Kindle books.
  6. Watching TV.
  7. Cleaning the house.  (That’s a lie.  I have not done anything besides regular nightly chores since Saturday, though I did do the dishes once, and that’s usually my husband’s thing, so there’s that.)
  8. Thinking about how I should really be reading Orfeo, and not doing so for the following reasons: no good page breaks; it’s complicated and I’ve been tired, like really tired, and not for any good reason. I hope I’m not getting sick.

In short, Orfeo is a book best read on one’s weekend when one has not a lot of other stuff to do/think about. Maybe in a coffee shop surrounded by smart people doing smart things quietly. With access to a library of classical music so one can reference all of the music Powers mentions. One should definitely not try to read Orfeo after a draining day at work while one’s husband bangs around in the kitchen trying to find a can of coconut milk, and then starts yelling at one of the cats for doing something cat-like, such as attempting to jump into cabinets or to steal raw chicken off the counter. During such a time one should shop online or watch something funny on TV. Which is what I think I will do right now. Hopefully progress will be made on Orfeo, which I definitely like more than Bethany liked This is Where I Leave You, and I’ll have more interesting things to say the next time you hear from me.


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