French Women Don’t Read Self-Help Books: Introducing a Mini-Marathon


I’ve had some job interviews in my life lately, bringing with them the attendant excitement and stress (and also the attendant stress eating and insomnia). I’m enjoying The Buried Giant (and will finish it tomorrow, I promise!), but when I read it at the end of the day I average about twenty minutes per page, so I thought I would enjoy some fluffy night-time reading. I’ve been a fan of Mireille Giuliano’s self-help books ever since the first one was published back in 2005 – though I haven’t exactly broadcast this particular guilty pleasure. Normally I stay away from self-help books, but this series charms me. These will all be rereads, and I’ll update you as I go about how well they’ve stood the test of time. Maybe I’ll play a little game and take one piece of Giuliano’s advice per day. I’m starting with Women, Work, and the Art of Savoir Faire. One book, A French Woman for all Seasons, is missing from the photo. I still have to track that one down.  More soon.

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