Yarn Along

Yarn Along

Today I finished the back of the child-sized sweater I started last week. The newly cast-on stitches in the photo are the beginning of one sleeve. The front of the sweater and the second sleeve will be a medium greyish-blue. The yarn in the photo is a dark mallard green. I’m liking the green side by side with my bright red book. This combo is making me think that I should coordinate my outfits with my books more often.

I’m about 30 pages into Alan Garner’s Red Shift. It’s interesting. There are three sets of characters living in the same place at three different times in history. It’s almost all dialogue, so the shifts between sets of characters are kind of jarring. I’m forever catching up with whatever the characters are all worked up about. I’m not sure if I’ll like it – I’ll let you know.

Yarn along is hosted by Ginny on her lovely blog, Small Things.

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