Yarn Along: Greatest Hits


Today we have another Yarn Along rerun. My cell phone (which contains my only camera) has been MIA since Friday. I had the Verizon people reactivate my previous phone, and I did take some pictures this morning, but then I couldn’t figure out how to get them onto my computer. Apparently one couldn’t email photos to oneself from a smartphone in 2010 – who knew? I knew that I couldn’t email photos from a smartphone in 2010, but I assumed that others could.

This sounds awful, but I am in no hurry to replace my phone. The reactivated 2010 phone will serve for emergencies and for my work needs (I do need a phone for work, but I’m on vacation until August 11) until I’m due for my upgrade in September. I’m kind of luxuriating in not having one. I like knowing that I am one of the last people in the universe not attached at the thumbs to a little plastic device. Last night, I met my friend Kate in Palo Alto to hear Deborah Harkness read from her work. I knew we would probably need to use phones to find each other, so I borrowed my dad’s circa-1999 Nokia for the occasion. Remember the Nokia ring tone: Da-na-na-na, Da-na-na-na, Da-na-na-NA-NA? I quickly switched it off once we met up, though. I’m pretty sure that being caught with a 1999 Nokia is illegal in Silicon Valley (though I’m sure the Palo Alto jail is quite lovely).

I’m still working on the tan and cream-colored Palm Desert Winter sweater, and I’ll do my best to have a photo for you next week. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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2 Responses to Yarn Along: Greatest Hits

  1. badkitty1016 says:

    I miss my old Nokia phones. They were great little phones. It bugs me how attached I am to my iPhone, but at the same time I can’t imagine not having it….

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