Update on Mark Slouka’s Brewster

Brewster cover

Have you guys ever read a book that you enjoy while you’re reading it, but that you keep thinking up better things to do than read?  Brewster is one of those for me.  I’m quite enjoying it, even though it is beginning to seem a bit light on plot and heavy on description of places that must exist in the real Brewster, NY, but that no one knows about but the author and other residents of Brewster.

I’ve also learned that Jon and Ray are not high schools seniors in the fall of 1968.  They are sophomores.  Which makes them seventeen in 1969 when Woodstock happens within a few hundred miles of Brewster.  By the summer of 1969 Ray and Jon have found Karen, though Karen has only found Ray.  Jon is happy for his friend, but also carries a torch for Karen.  It’s sort of sad.  I suspect Ray and Karen’s relationship will end badly for one or both of them in the end because this is that sort of book—every word is charged and there is tremendous tension building, even though not much is actually happening.

So that’s sort of all I have to say about Brewster right now, though I’m technically halfway through it.  Hopefully I’ll get some deeper insights into this book before too long.  In the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderful Independence Day tomorrow!

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