A Yarn Along Rerun

2012-10-17 09.11.15

Unfortunately I have no new Yarn Along photo to share with you today. An honest Yarn Along post would include a photo of my knitting, which is about two rows longer than it was last Wednesday, side by side with the long, technical document I am editing for a freelance client. In some ways, that would be an amusing thing to do – but then there are the technical difficulties I’m having with my phone. Long story.

So instead what I have for you is my very first Yarn Along photo, which I posted in October of 2012. Look how well I planned out the composition of this photo: the Kindle and the paper book, the Kindle cord and the curly tape measure contrasting with the straight lines of the book and the knitting needles. I took the photo at 1 pm and then posted it – I hadn’t yet figured out that part of the fun of Yarn Along is getting the post all set up, saving it as a draft, and then getting up as early as possible ans trying to be FIRST to link up with Ginny’s blog. I’ve never been first – but I was second once, and fifth another time. This photo was taken in a state I no longer live in, on a table I no longer own. I finished Middlemarch about three months after this photo was taken, but I never did finish the green sweater. I still have the yarn, though.

Sunrise, sunset, and all that.

Yarn Along is hosted by Ginny on her blog, Small Things.

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2 Responses to A Yarn Along Rerun

  1. Zauberflink says:

    How lovely to read this story of your looking back to the beginnings!

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