Yarn Along

Yarn Along 4.30.14

OK, I’ll admit – I’m not actually reading Max Boot’s Invisible Armies from start to finish. It’s really interesting, but right now I’m focused on developing a character in my novel who’s a history professor that specializes in guerrilla warfare, and I’m jumping around reading sections that apply to his work. I’ll save the rest of the book for Purgatory.

I am SO close to finished with my tank sweater, and I can’t wait until it’s all done. I’m calling it the Palm Desert Winter tank sweater. The person who ordered this sweater lives in Palm Desert, CA, and when I saw her there a couple of weeks ago, it was 99 degrees outside. She teased me because when she ordered the sweater and told me what she wanted, I asked, “Do you want winter weight or summer weight?” In winter the temperature in Palm Desert dips down into the low 80’s – so this merino wool tank is perfect holiday wear in that climate.

Yarn Along is coordinated by Ginny on her wonderful blog, Small Things.

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2 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Erin says:

    I love the vest colors you chose. Very pretty!

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