Out Like a Lamb


I just wrote a post about Thoreau. More specifically, it was about Transcendentalist literature, which is the Classics Club’s theme for April. I took a bunch of pictures of my nasty old falling-apart copy of Walden, with a focus on some of the comments I made in the margins. It was going to be bittersweet meets angry; kitsch meets artsy photographic statement.

But lo (as Thoreau would say), my computer is crashing and burning in interesting ways, and I can’t quite find the wherewithal to fiddle with it anymore. I am tired and my vertebrae hurt from all the chiropractic joo-joo they’ve been through in the last three weeks. I’ll post the photos soon, I promise. In the meantime, just this:

P.S. Hey, Jill: as of tomorrow, Lulubelle will be old enough to drink.

That was an inside joke. Maybe one of us will tell you about it sometime.

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