It’s been a long day….

But Bethany and I didn’t want to leave our loyal readers hanging.  Neither of us has an actual post ready to go for tonight, but I thought I’d share some more pictures from my recent trip to Yosemite.  Because who doesn’t love pretty pictures of trees, rocks, and water?  Please enjoy.  We’ll be back to our usual tricks tomorrow (hopefully, or you may get to enjoy more Yosemite pictures, it all depends on how work goes)!


This is Emerald Pool, a cool spot where the water fans out after Nevada Falls, and before widening out into Vernal falls.  There were signs all over warning people to not get in the water.



This is a view of Half Dome’s back side (left), Mount Broderick (middle), and Liberty Cap (right), taken from the top of Nevada Falls.




It was thankfully very overcast the day we hiked to Upper Yosemite Falls.  Disappointing for picture-taking purposes, but it made the hike much cooler.  This is a view of the valley from somewhere along the way.  Half Dome is towards the left.

And here are some books.


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