Bookcase Art, Memories, and Orange Leaves

I’m not sure I’ve been holding up my end of the post-every-day bargain (and Jill will be happy to remind me that I was the one who suggested extending the challenge for another month). But the fact is, I have a chiropractor hangover. My body is slanting toward bed, and I have a long day tomorrow too.

On a more positive note, look what I found! A bookcase photo taken at my old apartment in Massachusetts, where I used to keep my knitting projects on the bookcases to keep the cats from getting into them:


And a picture of some shrimp and a buttermilk and rosemary biscuit. These recipes came from the Pat Conroy cookbook, which I read for our very first PAT CONROY MONTH!:



And here are some outtakes from my second-ever Yarn Along photo shoot. I remember thinking all of these photos were lousy. Looking at them again, I like them quite a lot, and they remind me of the great weekend I spent in Vermont with my friend Brenda in November of 2012. The photos were taken at her house.





And then, for no reason other than the fact that they come next in my photos file – and also because they are prettier than I gave them credit for at the time – here are a few shots from a short road trip Brenda and I took that weekend to the birthplace of Joseph Smith, the Mormon prophet. We promise that we didn’t say anything disrespectful about the phallic nature of the Joseph Smith monument – at least not until we were safely back in the car. But doesn’t the phallic monument look pretty with all those clouds behind it?





Here’s a shot of Joseph Smith’s satellite dish. For some reason I took about fifteen pictures of it:


Then we left. It was New England: beautiful and unseasonably warm. I said goodbye to my college campus that weekend, and to the states of New Hampshire and Vermont, which I love more than those states probably deserve. I said goodbye to a great friend – whom, of course, I will see again. And then we made a lot of jokes about Mitt Romney’s underwear.




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