The post I can’t believe I made it all the way to February 20th before writing


Today was one of those days that didn’t work out quite as planned for me.  My plan was to get up early (and by early on my weekend I mean not earlier than 8am), eat breakfast, finish Into the Woods, take my dog to acupuncture, come home, write a post about the last group of stories in Into the Woods, eat dinner, exercise, have dessert, and go to bed early.  It went a bit more like: get up too early (before seven) because my dog kept me up all night fussing with her bed, eat breakfast, start reading Into the Woods, fall asleep on the couch because I got up too early, take the dog to acupuncture, go to happy hour with a coworker, walk around downtown until I felt safe to drive home, accidentally stop by the local independent bookstore, buy some books I don’t really need, send Bethany a snarky text about a guy who came into the bookstore asking if the bookseller could recommend any books for him to buy his English Ph.D. student sister for her birthday.  “She likes, you know, Shakespeare.  You got anything like that, but modern?”  Then I make my way home, eat dinner, read for a while but don’t finish Into the Woods, take a walk because I realized that if I didn’t do it then I wouldn’t ever get to it tonight, have dessert, and decide the only thing I have time to blog about at this late hour is what I did all day besides work on my post.

Also, just by way of update: I should finish Into the Woods tomorrow just in time to write my Saturday post.  So I won’t ever talk about it again.  I promise.

The books in the picture above are the ones I bought this afternoon while I was killing time in Downtown Davis.

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