Happy Valentine’s Day from PfP

Those of you who know us in “real life,” or even via Facebook, know that Bethany got some bad news about her wonderful kitty, Emma, today.  Don’t worry, Emma is okay, but she may need surgery.  Needless to say, Bethany hasn’t had time to finish her post for today, and I said I’d post something so post-a-day February stays alive.  Since I worked all day and didn’t have anything prepped, I thought I’d post a few pictures of Emma because she is so darn cute, and I thought it would make Bethany smile.


And here are some of my books (so the post at least has some books in it).


And here are two of my cats, Jasper (the bengal) and Sabrina (the calico).  They are both cats I adopted from my hospital.  Sabrina came in as a stray in 2008 with a degloving injury to her tail.  So now she doesn’t have a tail.  Jasper got dumped outside my hospital in a carrier with three of his littermates.  We assume there was a bengal breeder in the area who ran out of room or something of the sort.  IMG_6057

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2 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day from PfP

  1. Maria says:

    What a nice fill in for Bethany! What is it with the name Emma? My poor goat Emma dying this week and now this!

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