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2014-02-04 07.08.20

This was the second scarf I started, but it will be the sixth one I finish. It’s made up of the same “Forgiving scarf” pattern I’ve been using in almost every project lately, but it’s thinner and has a different feel to it because the yarn is so fine (It’s Lanett’s Superwash merino wool, made mostly for baby clothes). If you’ve been reading my Yarn Along posts for a while, you may recall that this yard is “cursed,” in that I never finish projects I start with it. In fact, this yarn appears in my very first Yarn Along post from October of 2012 – and when I say “this yarn,” I don’t mean this kind of yarn – I mean the same yarn, because I eventually rip out every project I start with. It’s beautiful and soft and a delight to work with, but it would be nice to finish a project with this yarn sometime. Maybe this scarf will be the one that I finally complete.

I’m reading Alice Munro’s The View from Castle Rock – and when I say I’m reading it, I mean I’m actually reading it, not that I read the first chapter, took a picture of it with some yarn, and called it a day. I’m about halfway through. The first half is made up of stories of Munro’s ancestors, first in Scotland, and then in the U.S. and Canada. The second half follows the same story, but sooner or later, Munro is at the center of her stories, making them autobiographical stories or short memoirs. The book is good, of course, but it’s probably my least favorite of all of Munro’s collections, and I’ve read most of them.

Yarn Along is hosted by Ginny on her blog, Small Things.

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2 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. debby says:

    I had to giggle when I read this…I do hope the you manage to finish your scarf because it looks amazing.
    happy knitting

    • bedstrom says:

      Thanks! Lately (Novemberish through today) I’ve been great about finishing projects. A year ago was a different story, and I’ve had that yarn for a LONG time. 🙂

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