Happy birthday, Bethany!!

JMH & BME in D-LandHere we are in line for possibly It’s a Small World at Disneyland in June, 1993, a mere months away from the beginning of our senior year of high school and the beginning of AP English.  We went with our friend Martha whose family lives in lovely Downey, California.  Many stories abound about this trip, but my favorite is the story of how we drove from San Francisco to LA in Bethany’s ca. 1970s Dodge Dart, taking pictures of speed limit signs (actually that was on the way home), and shooting off matching Super Soakers in the car.  We were such grownups.

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12 Responses to Happy birthday, Bethany!!

  1. lfpbe says:

    We didn’t take the Dart to LA – it was deemed unsafe and we took my parents’ car (also unsafe by today’s standards – not an airbag in sight). Don’t you remember “no horseplay in the car”?

  2. lfpbe says:

    Also, I think we were in line for the Matterhorn in that photo. But I’m not completely sure.

  3. lfpbe says:

    That T-shirt I’m wearing had a top ten list on the back. Remember when top ten lists were everywhere?

  4. badkitty1016 says:

    It annoys me that I don’t remember what line we were in when we took this picture. Fortunately for our partially senile 2014 selves, our teenage selves made very detailed captions. We were in line for Dumbo (I knew it wasn’t Small World)!

    The caption, in its entirety is the following: “Jill (me) and Bethany in line for Dumbo–shortly before, during, or after a conversation about doing LSD and thinking Dumbo was God.” Also, in case you care, it is photo #9….

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