Happy The Death of Santini Day!

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Just wanted to show everyone that my copy of Pat Conroy’s latest opus, The Death of Santini, has finally arrived.  Bethany emailed me first thing this morning and said she was already reading it, having pre-ordered it for her Kindle.  My copy just arrived so I picked it up and headed to my local Starbucks to “work on my online traffic school.”  And interesting thing about online traffic school?  I think it may suck more than in person traffic school.

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1 Response to Happy The Death of Santini Day!

  1. lfpbe says:

    Can we declare tomorrow “Pat Conroy Multiple Traumatic Brain Injury Syndrome Awareness Day” (PCMTBISAD)? Ever since I got my diagnosis, I’ve thought many times that Pat Conroy MUST have the same thing – between the multiple descriptions of his father slamming his head against the wall, to the basketball and the football and the Citadel, how could he not have multiple concussions? But when I read the chapter in Death of Santini about how he tried to qualify as a pilot when he was a sophomore at the Citadel and had “the worst depth perception of any person ever seen at a testing of Citadel men,” followed up by his comment, “No wonder I can’t shoot a basketball,” I was sure. The whole eye-test scene runs almost detail for detail like the testing I was given when I went to the neuro-opthamologist for concussion testing.

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