I finished The Portrait of a Lady a few days ago and would really love to be working on my final post. But, you see, my cat Maxwell is busy using it as a pillow. So I can’t because we don’t move Maxwell when he’s resting (because the cats are in charge around here, especially this one).

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6 Responses to Finished!

  1. lfpbe says:

    Is he drooling? Emma drools too, but only when she purrs. Does Henry James make Maxwell purr?

    • badkitty1016 says:

      He isn’t a big drooler, actually. And these days Maxwell purrs constantly. More on the cause of that later. One more blood test to run tomorrow before I have his mysterious weight loss figured out.

  2. lfpbe says:

    Also, this photo looks as if it were taken on the set of Long Day’s Journey Into Night. Which I think I am about to mention on Facebook.

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