Yarn Along (by Bethany)

Yarn Along Photo 2.6.13

Look at all those colors! Here’s my color-block sweater in its final moments before I start to piece it. It’s true that the front and the red sleeve are still on needles, but I only have a few rows to go on each of these. If all goes well, I should have the sweater done by the weekend. And then what’s next? I’m not sure, but I’m thinking socks. Or, you know, I could finish one of the many unfinished projects that I’ve got lying around. But then again, I’m thinking socks.

The book in the photo is John Crowley’s The Translator. I’m about 60 pages into it and enjoying it quite a lot. The protagonist, Kit, is a smart, nervous, traumatized college freshman in 1962 who forges a connection with an exiled Soviet poet who is teaching at her college. In another plot line, the middle-aged Kit has achieved quite a bit of status and recognition as a poet and is invited to St. Petersburg both as an honored guest at a conference celebrating her now-deceased former teacher and also (she assumes) to justify to that poet’s friends and former colleagues the fact that she translated several of his poems without his permission and published them in her first book, helping to set her career on its upward trajectory. The prose is thoughtful and moderately paced and full of Big Ideas about what poetry is and what it means to create it, study it, and own it.

As always, please visit Ginny’s blog Small Things if you have a moment. There you’ll find links to the legions of other blogs that participate in Yarn Along, as well as some beautiful pictures of children and chickens and, well, yarn.

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone!

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