Just a Quick Visit to Say Hi (by Bethany)

I’m sorry I missed Yarn Along on Wednesday. I’m sorry I still haven’t reviewed American Gods and The Phantom of the Opera and Bless the Beasts and Children and A Thousand Cuts. I did, however, finally resolve that I’m just not going to review these books – and that resolution feels almost as good as reviewing them would have felt. It’s a good thing every so often to absolve oneself of self-imposed deadlines.

Here’s what I’ve done instead: I packed up my entire kitchen and lots of other household goods and donated them to the Salvation Army. I moved Cat #2 to California. I met up with Jill, and we went to Green Apple Bookstore in San Francisco, where I created lots more bookcase art. I’m reading two very good, very long, and very different books – Salman Rushdie’s Joseph Anton: A Memoir and Diana Gabaldon’s The Fiery Cross (together they total over 2000 pages!), so if you’ve wondered why you haven’t seen a review from me in a while, that’s why.

I’ll be back soon, I promise. In the meantime, here are just a few of my book photos from yesterday:

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