It’s not October, it’s Anitober! Well, it is for Jill, at least. An introduction to Jill’s first personal reading challenge.

So I believe at one point or another I’ve mentioned that I may enjoy buying books as much (or sometimes more than) I enjoy reading them.  I literally have hundreds of books waiting to be read.  When I was younger I hated borrowing books from people because I wanted them for myself, and also I had such a collection of books of my own to read I didn’t want to waste time borrowing the books of others.  I would, whenever anyone recommended a book to me, even if she owned it, just go out and buy my own copy.  This is something I will still sometimes (okay, often) do, but I’ve become much better.

When I was in college, my roommate Anita often borrowed books from what was then a very small book collection that only took up one small bookshelf.  Ah, the good old days.  We have similar taste in books, though I suspect my love of vampire fiction is greater than hers.  Now we will occasionally go book shopping together (less now that she works Fridays, BOO!).  I often tell her what to buy.  I consider myself Anita’s book-pusher.  Sometimes she tells me what to buy, and I buy it.  But she’s much less obnoxious when it comes to book recommendations than I am and isn’t as likely to hand me a book and say, “Buy this.  You’ll like it.”  This is what Bethany does to me, and what I do to Anita.  Anyway.  I have always bought the books Anita has recommended, but I never, ever read them.  I’ll get into the reasons later; suffice it to say it’s a combination of stubbornness, procrastination, and the simple fact I have far, far, far too many books.

So after a Facebook conversation we had a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to read my “Anita Books.”  And Anitober was born.  This month, with the exception of our AP English Challenge selection, and finishing up the odd book about Alzheimer’s I’m currently reading, all of the books I read will be books that my good friend Anita has recommended to me over the seventeen years of our friendship.  You’ll see Anita has great taste in books, and I’m embarrassed to have missed out on some of these fine works of literature for as long as I have.  Anitober will probably extend past October into November, and that’s sort of exciting because it’s always nice to have a reading plan.

Anita, you’re a wonderful person and an amazing friend, and I hope you are cool with me dedicating an entire month of my somewhat public reading life to you!

(The image above is a picture of my teeny-tiny library, ca. 1998, with Hazel, the Best Cat Ever.  PS, I still haven’t read some of them.)

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8 Responses to It’s not October, it’s Anitober! Well, it is for Jill, at least. An introduction to Jill’s first personal reading challenge.

  1. Anitober says:

    Jill- Let Anitober month begin! ( I feel like I can declare it. I’ve never declared the start of a month before.) How I remember that bookshelf! I miss it dearly and wish your lending library were a little bit closer. Instead, I browse through the aisles of used book stores that NEVER match your collection.

    You are right about the vampire fiction- I have never read any of it. I feel that as a “thank you” for jumping into my collection of personal favorites this month, I should read a vampire book. So, pick one. Pick the best. I’ll start looking around at the used book store tomorrow.

    • badkitty1016 says:

      So here’s the problem with vampire fiction in general–an author can’t write just one vampire book. It’s always a series. I’d recommend A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness and the sequel, The Shadow of Night. Bethany even liked those. Also, Christopher Moore has a trilogy of vampire books, Bloodsucking Fiends, You Suck, and Bite Me. Those are funny as hell and quick reads. I think you’d have an easier time finding the Christopher Moore ones at used bookstores, but Deborah Harkness’s books have been pretty popular so the first one should be popping up there soon. The second one just came out in hardcover, so probably won’t be easy to find used for a while. 🙂

      • lfpbe says:

        Anita – whatever you do, don’t read that godawful Interview with the Vampire. The Deborah Harkness books are a safe bet.

      • lfpbe says:

        Oh, and also, Anita – I hope you realize that this gives you equal status to Pat Conroy here on PfP – which I shouldn’t have to tell you is a REALLY big deal. 🙂

      • badkitty1016 says:

        You notice I didn’t even recommend Interview with the Vampire…. I’m never making that mistake again. Bethany won’t ever let me forget that one.

      • Anitober says:

        Harkness it is. I think my new found fame entitles me to a trip to south Carolina to hang out with my fellow honoree.

  2. Valerie Remington says:

    I am going to so love this blog.

    • badkitty1016 says:

      Welcome to Postcards from Purgatory, Val! 🙂 Denizens of PfP, meet Valerie. She’s an awesome client who has adorable dachshunds.

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