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An Unexpected Anatomy Lesson and Other Surprises: Thoughts on Chapters 1-8 of Lord Jim (by Bethany)

In chapter five of Lord Jim, the chief of Jim’s ship, the Patna, is found near death from alcohol poisoning and is working through his DT’s in a hospital bed, where he screams nonstop about “millions of pink toads.” “You … Continue reading

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This is what Jill and I were doing in the late winter of 1994, when we were supposed to be reading Lord Jim for the first time. We thought it was fantastic fun to sort of roam around and take … Continue reading

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In which I visit a City of Books! Jill’s Review of Pat Conroy’s My Reading Life.

I’ve never been much of a non-fiction reader.  So that’s why when Pat Conroy started publishing memoirs, first in 2003 with My Losing Season, and then in 2010 with My Reading Life, I didn’t rush out and buy them, despite … Continue reading

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A Review of Geoff Dyer’s Yoga for People Who Can’t Be Bothered to Do It (by Bethany)

This book is not about yoga. Not in the slightest little bit. This book is many things – a collection of travel essays, a memoir of the early stages of a nervous breakdown, a contemplation of geography and history and time, a narrative … Continue reading

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Welcome to PAT CONROY MONTH!! (by Jill)

Bethany first suggested PAT CONROY MONTH!! a few weeks ago, when we were both in the throes of Faulkner.  It seemed like a great idea at the time for multiple reasons.  First, Pat Conroy is easier than Faulkner.  Second, our … Continue reading

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In Which I Start Writing about Food and End up Writing about Books: A Review of The Pat Conroy Cookbook (by Bethany)

On page 239 of his cookbook, Pat Conroy writes that book critics are “mostly bulimic, rail-thin – no great appetites there.” I laughed uproariously (laughing uproariously is a very Conroyvian thing to do) when I read this statement: clearly Conroy … Continue reading

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